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New Wireless Walkman Tipped For IFA

Sony may have a new wireless Walkman in the pipeline with a new device tipped to be unveiled at the upcoming IFA exhibition in Berlin.

The revolutionary personal audio device recently celebrated its 40th birthday, and despite being rendered largely irrelevant by the ubiquity of smartphones, still maintains a small loyal following.

FCC filings uncovered by The Walkman Blog appear to show a new Walkman featuring Bluetooth, NFC, and Wi-Fi connectivity.

Details are still scarce on other features as FCC certification is only required for transmitting components, but if previous Walkmans are anything to go by a new model would likely feature a colour touch screen and support High-Res audio.

Wi-Fi connectivity could also allow high-resolution streaming from platforms like Tidal and Deezer Hi-Fi.

Sony recently released a pair of true wireless earbuds and wireless headphones that both feature active noise cancelling.

The bigger headphone also supports high-res audio through Sony’s LDAC codec.

Apple also made a surprising recent update to its iPod Touch, but with a focus on mobile gaming ahead of the launch of Apple Arcade.

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