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New Whirlpool Washer Keeps Clothes Fresh For 6HRS

Appliance and whitegoods manufacturer, Whirlpool, has released its new FreshCare+ washer dryer in Australia ($1,799), which claims to keep clothes fresh for up to six hours.

Unlike conventional washer dyers, the new FreshCare+ appliance pledges to inhibit the main source of bad odours, which build up when clothes are left in the drum too long.

The system eradicates the need for households to rush and take their laundry out, fearing clothes with gain the dreaded ‘laundry smell’.

After a washing cycle, the machine triggers FreshCare+ functionality, to tumble clothes with regular jets of steam, reducing bacteria sources and allergens.

Garment creasing is also reduced via a dedicated tumbling action at the end of a drying cycle.

Other features include:

  • 6th Sense Technology – automatically detect laundry type and volume to optimise energy, water and time settings.
  • Clean with only 15°C instead of 40°C – new SoftMove system guarantees same performance at 15C as 40C. Clothes move loosely to better absorb detergent, ensuring a more effective clean at low temperature.
  • Dry only option – allows you to dry wet laundry without having to run wash cycle first.
  • SenseInverter brushless motor – long lasting an quiet electrical motor, to deliver energy savings whilst both washing or drying.

Further information is available on Whirlpool’s website here.