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New Update Makes Chrome 23% Faster

An update to Google Chrome has made it run roughly 23 per cent faster, due to updates in how Chrome’s V8 engine handles JavaScript execution.

As Thomas Nattestad, Chrome product manager explains:

“An important component of delivering a fast browser is fast JavaScript execution. In Chrome, that job is done by the V8 engine which executes over 78 years worth of JavaScript code on a daily basis.

“In M91 Chrome is now up to 23% faster with the launch of a new Sparkplug compiler and short builtin calls, saving over 17 years of our users’ CPU time each day! Sparkplug is a new JavaScript compiler that fills the gap between needing to start executing quickly and optimising the code for maximum performance. Short built in calls optimise where in memory we put generated code to avoid indirect jumps when calling functions.”

If that’s all nonsense to you, rest assured that all you need to know is that Chrome will load your pages faster. Sounds good.

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