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Ultimate Ears speakers have a brand new look due in part to the use of tough new material that enhances the look and durability of their devices.

The Bluetooth speakers were released at this year’s IFA have a brand new look and new connection capabilities.

Another big feature is the introduction of a new “Magic Button” control scheme. Only available to Apple Music and Deezer Premium subscribers the new feature allows one to turn the Bluetooth speaker on and start playing from a saved playlist in a single tap.

Charlotte Johs, general manager of Ultimate Ears said “We improved the durability of the speakers without compromising on style. We also introduced the Magic Button, getting you to your music faster with just one touch, taking the speaker up a notch.”

Ultimate Ears has also reworked their connected app to be more streamlined they have also wrapped the new Boom and Megaboom in a two-toned, high performance fabric.

Unlike the Blast and Megablast speakers released earlier this year, the Boom and Megaboom don’t feature any sort of Alexa or Google Assistant powered smarts.

Both the Boom and Megaboom now boast IP67 dust and water resistance ratings and an expanded Bluetooth range of up to 150 feet.

In terms of battery life, the Boom weighs in with 15 hours of playback per charge while the Megaboom offers twenty. Both speakers also now offer wireless charging via Ultimate Ears’ Power Up charging dock, which is sold separately.

The Ultimate Ears Boom is priced at an RRP of $199.95 while the Ultimate Ears Megaboom has an RRP of $299.95.