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New Top End Electric Ducati Scooter Tipped For OZ

A brand-new electric Ducati scooter is set to be launched in Australia, that will directly take on the  Xiaomi scooter brand which is seen as a cheap Chinese product.

Set to be launched by the IQU Group, which was established by a team of senior executives who quit selling TCL products including Alcatel and TCL branded smartphones to establish their own business in Australia selling products such as the new Ducati electric two-wheeler.

ChannelNews understands that the IQU Group has secured the rights to the new Ducati electric scooter.

Last week Ducati officially launched their latest ne-scooter dubbed Ducati PRO-I EVO.

The renowned Italian motorcycle manufacturer claims the Ducati PRO-I EVO packs a 280Wh battery and has a top speed of 25 km/h.

The e-scooter looks smart like most Ducati motor bikes, apart from the 350 watts motor the device also has several smart fittings.

The company has not said what the range is for their new electric scooter from single charge.

The Ducati PRO-I EVO isn’t the brand’s first light electric vehicle.

Ducati’s CEO had earlier hinted that the company was looking to manufacture an electric bike in the near future, however ChannelNews understands that this has been put on hold.

Instead, the company indicated it would explore other options for greener motorcycles such as the use of synthetic fuels.

As for the pricing, the Ducati PRO-I EVO electric scooter is set to sell in Australia for around $699.

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