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New Telstra Premium NBN Internet Plan, Price Up 10% Speeds Cut In Half

Only at Telstra, according to a recent customer email Telstra is introducing a new “simplified” NBN Internet plan the only problem is that the cost has gone up 10% and the upload speeds is halved.

Effective from 31 March 2021 their NBN business plan will change to a new Premium Internet plan with a minimum monthly rate of $110whichistoughforstrugglingCOVID-19 businesses.

The downside is that despite rates going up users will still get keep their unlimited data download speeds however upload speeds will reduce from 40Mbps to 20Mbps which for a business which sends information out to customers is a real blow.

The 10% jump in monthly rates from $100 a month to $110 comes as many small businesses are recovering from the impact of COVID-19.

The Telstra email states, “Your new plan is month-to-month, meaning you can change plans if your needs change”.

Telstra has reduced rates for international calls, starting at 1c/minute plus a 55c call connection fee.

Bills will be updated automatically.

ChannelNews understands that several competitors are now targeting Telstra business customers.

Telstra said in their email ‘On your first bill after 31 March 2021, you may notice charges for any calls that were made before your plan was updated. Any offers associated with your old plan will no longer apply”.



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