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New Switch Could Hit Shelves In September

Nintendo could release its updated Switch console as soon as September, with assembly to reportedly begin in July.

The update to the four-year-old Switch, which has yet to be officially confirmed, could be announced prior to the E3 conference next month, according to sources reported in Bloomberg.

Likely to cost more than the original Switch, which sells for $399 AUD at JB Hi-Fi, the new model is tipped to include a seven-inch Samsung-supplied OLED screen as well as high-end Nvidia graphics with DLSS upscaling, which will output at 4K resolutions when in TV mode.

Despite the global chip shortage, Nintendo is planning to produce 30 million Switch units this year; the console is performing strongly despite the advent of the notoriously scarce PS5 and Xbox Series X/S consoles from rivals Sony and Microsoft.

The new Switch model will be the first update since the handheld-only Switch Lite in 2019, which sells for $329 at JB Hi-Fi. It will go on shelves alongside the Lite, with the original model expected to gradually be phased out over time, similarly to previous Nintendo consoles and handhelds such as the Wii, 3DS, and DS.

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