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New Sonoro Stereo Sounds As Good As It Looks

German innovators Sonoro pride themselves on having their designers and product developers speak the same language. For the Neuss-based firm, high-end tech and design go hand-in-hand. 

The company employs materials chosen based on what qualities they can leverage into a richer sonic experience. Sonoro’s engineers leave nothing to chance. Everything has a purpose and everything has a place.

You need look no further than the company’s new High Quality Digital Radio to see the results of this philosophy in action.

Sonoro invite customers to “Experience the sheer quality and design on it first outset, then be entranced in its performance and sound quality.” 

They’re promising a crisp audio experience as polished as the high gloss finish and front panel made with stainless steel make the Sonoro Stereo appear.

According to them, “powerful 2.1 loudspeakers and an integrated high-performance subwoofer give you the perfect soundscape for your living room.”

The stereo touts top-of-the-range wireless streaming technology, digital radio functionality and integration with smartphones and tablets over Bluetooth.

A smart self-dimming display also promises to configure the brightness to best match the environment in which the Sonoro Stereo is set up.

The stereo is available in black, white, red and graphite variations and comes with a two-year warranty.


All up, it’s a package that’s already winning Sonoro critical acclaim, winning the company a Best Design Award in 2015.

According to What Hi-Fi, “It might not do enough to rule the roost in this sector, but for those who don’t have the room, or the budget, to build a decent system of hi-fi separates, the SonoroSTEREO is a very attractive alternative.”