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New Shove For Fibre-To-The-Curb

NBN Co has dramatically upped the number of premises that are expected to get a fibre- to the-curb connection, which should offer significantly faster speeds than the currently favoured fibre-to-the-node  technology.

It says an additional 440,000 homes and businesses around the country will now get the FttC technology, with fibre running to the end of their driveway, only relying on copper phone lines to cover the last few metres.

Many of these addresses had been pinpointed for HFC cable connections which NBN Co acquired from Telstra – only to find the cable network would need upgrading.

NBN Co had already abandoned plans to use the poorly-performing Optus HFC cable network, instead shifting another 700,000 premises to FttC. This will see the total number of FttC connections stretch to 1.5 million homes and businesses.

However it’s also planning to connect around 38,000 premises via HFC by the end of June.

Telecoms industry analyst Paul Budde has hailed the NBN decision to increase FttC numbers. “Any addition to FttC is a great improvement, as this makes it very easy to update the last bit from the curb to the house if so needed by the people themselves,” he said this week.

“”Unfortunately this doesn’t do anything for most of the millions of premises connected to FttN, which are the real problem areas.”

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