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New Samsung Galaxy AI Update Brings Support For More Languages

Samsung has announced an expansion of its Galaxy AI, revealing three new languages will arrive in an upcoming update, as well as three new dialects.

The new languages are Arabic, Indonesian, and Russian, and the new dialects are Australian English, Cantonese, and Canadian French.

These will be added to the 13 languages that are already available.

Later this year, Samsung also plans to add four more languages, including Romanian, Turkish, Dutch, and Swedish, as well as the traditional Chinese and European Portuguese.

President & Head of Mobile eXperience Business at Samsung, TM Roh said, “Committed to democratising mobile AI for all, Galaxy AI’s language expansion this year will allow even more Galaxy users to communicate beyond language barriers on a scale that is completely unique to Samsung. We will continue to innovate our technology and pioneer premium mobile AI experiences so that even more users are equipped with the right tools to unleash their unlimited potential.”

Galaxy AI has a range of features for users, including Live Translate, which provides real-time voice and text translations of phone calls.

There’s also Interpreter, which instantly translates live conversations via a user-friendly split-screen view. People standing opposite each other can read a text translation of what the other is saying.

Then, there’s Chat Assist, which helps perfect conversational tones, generating context-aware suggestions.

Note Assist creates AI-generated summaries, pre-formatted templates, and cover pages, and Transcript Assist uses AI and Speech-to-Text to transcribe, translate, and summarise voice recordings.

Finally, Browsing Assist helps the user keep up with the world’s news, but saves time by generating summaries of articles and web pages.

This update is set to start in April, and will roll out over the upcoming months. Each of the languages and dialects will be available for download as a language pack. These can be downloaded from the Settings app.

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