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New Samsung Clamshell Smartphone To Take On Motorola Razr

The Samsung developer conference is in full swing and a nugget of information about a new clamshell form factor has emerged indicating that Samsung is heading in a new direction when it comes to foldable devices.

In a teaser video published to YouTube during the Samsung Developers Conference overnight the Korean Company revealed what appears to be a competitor to the much leaked, Motorola Razr.

Instead of folding out horizontally like the Samsung Fold the clamshell design is a vertical opening.

See Video here.

According to executives at the developer conference the device is set to be packed with not only new hardware but a new generation of software.

The video shows how a full screen video could be pushed into the top half of the screen when the device is folded, resulting in the video controls being located on the bottom half of the display.

This could be ideal when one wants to follow a set of instructions in a video.

The leaking of the concept which i personally think is a better design than the Fold does not mean that we will see the product anytime soon. The best we could hope for is Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in March 2020

In the YouTube post Samsung said it will continue to explore new form factor options in the category.

The video descriptions says: “With the launch of Galaxy Fold, Samsung designed a first-of-its kind mobile experience that is much more than a foldable device. Samsung, alongside hundreds of developers and partners, created an entire foldable ecosystem that continues grow and opens up new possibilities to the mobile experience.

“As promised at SDC last year, Samsung will continue to explore a range of new form factors in the foldable category. And at SDC19, Samsung invited developers and users alike to join the exploration of exciting new use cases and user experiences.”

Bloomberg News reported earlier this year that Samsung was planning such a design for a new foldable phone to be formally announced early next year. The handset is expected to have a 6.7-inch inner screen with a thinner frame at a cheaper price than the $3,000 Galaxy Fold. Samsung is also working with U.S. design firm Thom Browne to push its luxury appeal.

Like the current Fold, this new version will also run Android software and apps. It will have a hole punch camera in the screen like the latest Samsung smartphones and two rear-facing cameras.

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