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DJI Tipped To Launch 2.7K Mavic Mini That Fits In Hand

DJI is tipped to release a new mini drone called the Mavic Mini that only delivers 2.7K video footage from the onboard camera.

The Chinese Company who are fighting allegations of spying for the Chinese Government similar to what Huawei has been accused of plans to launch the device in Sydney at the National Maritime Museum

Compared to the DJI Mavic Air and Mavic Pro drones, the Mavic Mini has a less powerful camera compared to the 4k resolution than previous Air and Pro models, the device is set to be sub $1,000.

Standout features are that it is tiny and can fit on your palm and at 249 grams is very light.

Despite its small size users won’t be able to fly it anywhere you want to.

As for usage the maximum flight time is 30 minutes, a 4-kilometre HD video transmission, a three-axis gimbal that can provide you with a 2.7k video footage, a vision sensor, plus a GPS precise hover capability.

According to Drone Life, the company hasn’t yet launched a mass-market drone since August 2018 when Mavic Zoom and Mavic Zoom 2 were launched.

Some observers claim that this product could be an attempt by DJI to stop the Mavic Mini from cutting the sales of the existing Mavic drones.

It’s also been speculated that like the mini drones do not have obstacle avoidance claiming the sensors in front of the devices “seem fake” and to make the drones “look like a real DJI Mavic drone.”

DJI Life claims that the new drone will have the same height and width of a smartphone, making it easy to hold in the palm of your hand.

The Chinese drone maker has been copping criticism in the USA after the US Department of Homeland Security came out and claimed that they are concerned that Chinese-made drones and the data they can collect could get into the hands of the Chinese government, according to a DHS alert obtained by CNN.

No manufacturer is singled out in the alert, but an industry analysis said the Chinese drone manufacturer DJI holds up to 80% of the drone market share in the USA and similar share in Australia.

The DHS alert was issued a week after President Donald Trump banned the sale of Huawei telecoms equipment in the US.

In Australia Federal Government sources claim that they “Are concerned” about the use of Chinese security cameras and drones.

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