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Galaxy S24 Ultra Tipped To Get Titanium Frame

The 2024 S24 Ultra is set to take a leaf out of Apple’s design book with a brand new Titanium frame, according to sources.

This is not the first time this rumour has been heard, however, this one is coming out of South Korea

Initially, it was reported that three models, the S24, S24+, and S24 Ultra, would all have titanium frames, but the latest report says it will only be the Ultra.

Eventually, the smartphone giant may incorporate titanium frames into more of their lineup.









According to the sources, aluminium frames cost Samsung under $20 and determining the adoption, low yields could strengthen that price by up to five times, which could not be sustainable.

With Samsung cautiously creating a goal to manufacture 15 million titanium frames, the same amount of Galaxy S23 Ultra units to ship this year, the signs point to the S24 Ultra being the receiver.

Sources also say the S24 Ultra will have a flat screen, a titanium outer frame, but that the inner frame will be aluminium, like iPhones.

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