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New Pixel Phone Update Destroys Battery Life Once Again

With the Google Pixel’s tendency to break with updates, it seemed the Pixel 7 series had lessened the risk of this happening.

However, the latest update for Pixels, which was released in June, seems to be causing battery drain and overheating issues, among others.

Owners of the phones have reached out on Reddit and Google support forums, saying they’ve had to revert to charging the phone twice daily to maintain enough power throughout.

A similar issue happened with the May update and a quick fix had to be rolled out. Google has yet to address the issue.

One user wrote, “Is it just me or is the phone suddenly draining faster, overheating for no reason. The select text option isn’t working and a lot more bugs.”

Another user wrote, “My battery has tanked in the last couple of days. Needs charge by the afternoon.”

Another added, “My idle drain is about 40% more compared to May. Not looking good.”

Users are now hesitant to install the updates in the first place, since these issues keep continuing many years into the product cycle.

One user noted the June update brought about a bunch of extra issues including Android Auto crashing, disconnecting WiFi and Bluetooth, paired devices disappearing, and bad call quality.

Google continues to slay in the hardware designing, but maybe it would be a good idea to do some more thoroughly testing of the monthly updates before they are released.

It is important to note though, that not all Pixel users are suffering these issues.

“No issues here. Battery life is exactly the same. Haven’t noticed any bugs, except calls dropping here and there (present since release. Probably not fixable because of lousy modem).”

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