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Samsung Adds To Bespoke Laundry Appliance Range

Samsung Electronics Australia has launched the latest in its Bespoke Range, with three new laundry appliances on sale from today.

Joining the visually spectacular range are the Bespoke AI Washer and Dryer, and the  mirror-finish Bespoke Mirror AirDresser.

Aside from aesthetics, the new Bespoke products are designed with the environment in mind.

The ‘Less Microfibre Cycle’ will directly reduce microplastic emissions by using cool water and low intensity wash conditions, while SmartThings Energy will monitor and control laundry appliance settings to help conserve time, money, and energy.

AI Energy Mode helps optimise wash cycles by using cold water, while the AI Wash feature will automatically sense soil levels and optimise each wash by using the ideal amount of water and detergent.

Similarly, AI Dry uses sensors to continually check the temperature and humidity of the clothes in the drum and adjust drying performance.

The 2023 Bespoke Mirror AirDresser “easily fits up to five pants or five jackets”, according to Samsung, and can refresh clothes in as little as 20 minutes. There are 24  different cycles optimised for various kinds of fabrics – from wool and linen to down and delicates.

The Smart Washer is available in white and black from $1,599. The Smart Dryer is also available in white and black from $1,899. The Mirror AirDresser is $2,999.

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