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Supreme Court Rejects Lawsuit Claiming Google Stole Song Lyrics

The US Supreme Court has rejected an attempt by lyric website Genius.com to revive its 2019 lawsuit accusing Google of scaping millions of song lyrics from its site.

Genius Media Group claimed Google violating a contract with it by scraping millions of song lyrics from its site and using them in its own search results without crediting Genius as the source.

The lower court ruled that Genius doesn’t own the copyright to any of the lyrics on its site, and therefore dismissed the case.

“We appreciate the court’s decision, agreeing with the Solicitor General and multiple lower courts that Genius’ claims have no merit,” Google spokesman José Castañeda said Monday.

“We license lyrics on Google Search from third parties, and we do not crawl or scrape websites to source lyrics.”

Genius said the lower court’s decision “threatens to hobble any of thousands of companies that offer value by aggregating user-generated information or other content.” The company claims that Google has cost it millions of dollars by taking its content without proper attribution.

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