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New Pixel Buds Gesture Controls May Boost Battery Life

Google has revealed it’s working on several new gesture controls for the recently released ‘Pixel Buds’ – a product many commentators affirm was “unpolished” at launch.

9to5Google has discovered several new features in the latest beta version of the Google app, suggesting the introduction of new double and triple tap gesture controls.

New methods for manually turning off the Pixel Buds is reportedly in the works. The first concerns triple tapping the right earbud, while another involves taking the right earbud off.

At current, the only way to turn off the Pixel Buds is by returning them back to the charging case.

It’s likely new manual controls for switching off the earbuds will extend battery life.

Other new gesture controls include double tapping the right earbud, to skip tracks whilst listening to music.

At current, the gesture prompts Google Assistant to list several features consumers can use, or pauses Assistant mid-speech.

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