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New Panasonic Product Can Make Chicken As Soft As Butter

With the view to help out the aging community with swallowing difficulties, Panasonic have developed a cooker that can make chicken as soft as butter in order to help the elderly with swallowing issues.

Created by two caring Panasonic engineers, the innovative DeliSofter is a specialised rice cooker that can soften home-cooked meals until a consumer can mash them enough to swallow using their tongue alone.

To soften the food enough, it is placed under extreme heat, as much as 120°C, which makes it more digestible but retains its texture and appearance.

The impetus for the DeliSofter started with a long-time Panasonic worker in Japan struggling to take care of her aging father. At a loss, she teamed up with another Panasonic worker with an ageing parent to come up with a substitute for liquid meals.

So far the DeliSofter is only available in Japan.

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