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New Optus Program Picks Top Phones For Regional Coverage

Optus has launched a new device rating program, designed to help customers choose handsets for use in regional Australia.

Under the program, phones that have passed Optus’ network field testing in regional locations for voice and data requirements will feature a “Top Pick for our Regional Coverage” badge.

Among the 12 devices certified to carry the badge are phones from Apple, Samsung, LG, Microsoft, Huawei and Oppo.

Dennis Wong, Optus acting managing director of networks, noted that several factors, including a phone’s design features, such as the built-in internal antenna, material casing and phone size, can affect coverage.

“Because of this, some phones can have wider coverage than others,” Wong commented. “This forms the basis of how Optus is benchmarking devices to badge them as Top Pick for our Regional Coverage.”

optusWong stated that Optus “will be constantly testing new handsets” and expects the range to grow amid new device releases.

“We believe it is important to show customers that certain devices can offer a better coverage experience on our network based on the spectrum available in regional areas,” he commented.

“This testing program has been designed to help regional customers make a more informed choice when they’re in the market for a new phone so they can have a better experience.”

Optus states that it tripled the number of 4G mobile sites in regional areas last financial year, with its 4G network now reaching over 700 regional and holiday towns.

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