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New Nintendo Switch To Use Sharp Panels

Japanese gaming company Nintendo will reportedly use Sharp’s pioneering IGZO display panels in its new Switch consoles.

According to the Wall Street Journal, a top executive at Sharp said Nintendo would use the company’s panels in its new devices, but didn’t specify whether both new models would get the panels.

Nintendo has two new versions of the Switch coming out: a revised version of its current hybrid-handheld console set to release this month, and a handheld only Switch Lite model due out next month.

The revised Switch is looking to improve battery life and could be helped by the new Sharp screens, which use theĀ indium gallium zinc oxide semiconductor material the company was the first to mass produce in panels.

The panels are characterised by their high-resolution, lower power consumption and increased durability and are being used in other Sharp products including 8K ultra-high-definition TVs and OLED smartphone displays.

Nintendo is reportedly working on other refreshes to the Switch line to boost its life-cycle.

It comes as Sharp prepares to re-enter the Australian market for televisions.

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