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New Japanese Made, Hitachi Appliance Range Is Seriously ‘Top End’

Hitachi has shown a new range of refrigerators, cleaning products and washing machines that they are set to launch into the Australia premium appliance market many of these products are made in Japan.

In Asia, in particular in Japan, Hitachi is a household brand and their products are in big demand by consumers, who want to invest in premium appliances, tools and cleaning products.

Now Hitachi is set to have a serious crack at ramping up demand in Australia with a new range that was last week revealed to retailers for the first time.

At this stage, the Japanese brand is taking a softly, softly, approach to growing the brands presence in the Australian market by only dealing with select retailers such as Bing Lee and Narta stores.

Among the range is a new glass fronted refrigerator that has a 4.5-star energy rating which is the highest of any refrigerators sold in Australia. They also have a 20-kilo washing machine that has a glass lid that has been tested by dropping a 1 kilo metal ball from over a metre in height.

Then there is a vacuum cleaning range that could well give Dyson a run for their money with glide, features, interchangeable heads, washable dust capture canisters and lights that allow operators to see into dark corners or under chairs.
Their new 780 litres 6 door French refrigerator which will sell for approximately $5,799 has several standout features including a vacuum compartment that is designed to eliminate food waste.

In a test shown to Channel News food stored in the vacuum compartment was noticeably fresher that food stored in the main body of the fridge. 

According to Frank Malcaus National Sales Manager at Hitachi Australia 20% of all fruit and vegetable put into a refrigerator is “wasted”. He said that because the Japanese each large volumes of fish they have developed features for their products that allow food to stay fresher “longer”.

Food left, open fridge, food right in vacuum draw.

Other features include an automatic ice maker, defrost draw as well as a freezer mat for the fast freezing of food.
Another stand out with their top end models is the introduction of a simple slide or tap on the door feature which means that when a user’s hands are full one can easily open the doors.

The range will be Available in a 780,720 and 670litre models.

Lower down the range Hitachi is introducing a unique glass fronted 650 litres 4 door French refrigerator that only uses 357 kilowatts of power a year. It also has easy glide doors.

By using hardened glass Hitachi has been able to introduce colours that appear to change with their black refrigerator looking slightly grey from a distance.

“These refrigerators can be easily wiped down, don’t dent and users can write notes on them” said Malcaus.

Washing Machines

Aiming to compete in the washing machine market, Hitachi is introducing a 24 kilo, washing machine with a glass lid, auto clean and built in lint filters. They are also introducing a 10 litre, 599mm wide model which is designed to sit flush to a wall.

Vacuum cleaners.

With demand for stick cleaners taking off in Australia Hitachi is set to take it right up to market leader Dyson with a range that “out features” the Dyson offering.

They include a Japanese made model that has a slide out stick and a “smart head”. The front of the head has lights, it automatically glides when pointed in the direction you want it to go.

One can also easily change the head for a brush that is built into the stick that tilts 90 degrees.
The stick also has a washable dust canister.

Also in the range is a ball vacuum that also incorporates the Hitachi smart head technology, that allows air to be pulled in and out via the top of the head making it easier to operate.

According to Malcaus, the new range will be available in the second half of the year.

He said “Hitachi is one of the truly premium appliance brands in Japan where quality appliances are in big demand. What we are delivering in Australia is a host of new appliance features, that are designed to deliver distinct benefits over and above what a lot of other appliance manufacturers are delivering. Hitachi products not only look smart they are highly functional and easy to use”.

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