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New Hisense TV’s Take It Right Up To Overpriced LG OLED TV’s

New Hisense TV’s Take It Right Up To Overpriced LG OLED TV’s

Hisense who is now the #3 TV brand in Australia has launched a stunning new range of ULED TV’s at this year’s Australian Grand Prix that seriously challenge overpriced OLED TV’s.

The quality of the new 4K Ultra High Definition TV’s not only seriously challenges LG OLED TV’s, which are significantly more expensive than the new Hisense models they deliver a new level of Ultra High Definition quality for the Australian market.
At a gala packed function held trackside at the Australian Grand Prix and attended by the likes of Red Bull racing driver Daniel Ricciardo, Hisense revealed their new offering to a packed crowd of International Grand Prix guests and celebrities. 
Hisense Director of Product Management Chris Porter told SmartHouse that the new ULED range contained patented technology that seriously challenges overpriced OLED TV technology. 

Recently LG Australia chose business technology journalists over experienced TV reviewers to review their latest $9,000 OLED TV offering. 
After looking at both the LG offering and the recently launched Hisense range with their new U LED technology it is our opinion that the Hisense range is not only as good as LG’s OLED but is significantly more cost effective and long term a better investment. 
Hisense pricing for their new product offering starts at $1,499 for a 50″ model $1,999 for a 55″ model $3,499 for a 65″ model and $3,999 for a 70″ model.
The top end 75″ Hisense ULED TV is only $4,999 which is almost half the price of the $9,000 LG TV offering. 
Porter told attendees that the new TV’s deliver the richest colours and the darkest possible blacks due to the use of new Hisense technology which SmartHouse saw firsthand at CES in January.

A senior Harvey Norman executive at the launch said “These TV’s deliver serious value for money. It is clear that Hisense has LG in their sights and there is a real possibility that they will strip further share away from the Korean Company”. 
“Competition is good and it is quite clear that Hisense who has been a challenger Chinese brand for several years are now in a position to take share away from main stream TV manufacturers. Most key retailers are selling their products and we have very little in returns with Hisense TV’s”. they said.  
Right now LG is asking consumers to pay huge prices for what they describe as premium OLED TV’s.
This is because LG has limited OLED manufacturing capacity for various TV sizes, also adding to the sticker price is the fact that several other brands including Samsung and Hisense believe that OLED has a limited life and that new Super UHD and new patented technology from Hisense deliver better value without compromising display quality. 
The new range revealed at the Australian Grand Prix also revealed that Hisense has moved away from Curved TV’s.
Senior Samsung executives have also told SmartHouse that they will be ranging more flat TV’s than curved TV’s in 2016. 
The new Hisense range also come in sleek new brushed metal designs that enhance the picture quality. All of the TV’s are smart TV enabled.  
Australia is among some of the first Countries in the world to get the new TV’s, both Europe and China are currently launching the new range. 
The new ULED Series 7 model will be available in stores from May.
Andre Iannuzzi, Head of Marketing at Hisense Australia said that he is excited about Hisense’s premium TV offering for 2016.
“Hisense 4K ULED is the most significant technology evolution in television picture quality Hisense has ever developed, a position we move into with confidence. ULED
technology is proof of Hisense’s unwavering commitment to providing the most outstanding picture quality with the latest technology that consumers have come to demand and deserve from Hisense.” he said.


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