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New Google Lens App Available Now On Pixel Smartphones

The Google Lens app in Assistant is officially debuting on all pixel phones, in the U.K, U.S, Australia, Canada, India and Singapore. A few weeks ago, Google revealed it had almost completed work on the Google Lens app.

Google Lens is like a Google Assistant-powered version of Google Goggles and can be found in a new button at the bottom-right of the Google Assistant interface. Once tapped a camera viewfinder will launch.Consumers then can tap something in viewfinder like a sign or poster to receive more information on it.

The app uses advanced technology to isolate the item and provide information. It is like other apps including Bixby Vision within newer Samsung smartphones and Image Analysis Toolset which is available in Google Play.

However, there are limitations to the ability of the app. It won’t be able to identify everything around you. Google says consumers should use the technology on simpler objects first, such as business cards, Wi-Fi routers, poster, or pictures.

Google Lens will also work as barcode and QR code scanner. Google claims Lens capabilities will improve as it learns more about surroundings. As it adapts to identifying different people and object.

It has already been introduced to majority of Pixel phone, if it is not accessible yet it should be within the next day or so.


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