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New Generation GaN Chargers Set To Drive Accessory Sales For Retailers

A new generation of GaN chargers are set to be a money spinner for CE retailers with consumers set to benefit when it comes to charging devices such as smartphones and notebooks from one simple charger.

Accessory brand Belkin is already rolling out the new technology which uses a substance, called gallium nitride.

One of the big benefits of the new device is that eliminates the need for ugly and often large and difficult to lug around power charging cables for notebooks.
GaN chargers support fast charging, but the degree of fast charging is limited by an attached devices design and capability and whether they are current model.

All you do with these chargers is plug it into a wall socket or power boards and you can USB charge a smartphone, notebook or tablet from the same charging device, and because the device is front facing it does not take extra space when plugged into a socket or power board.

The unlock key to the new Belkin 30-Watt GaN charger which retails for $64.95 is Gallium which is more bauxite than metal.

Gallium is an excellent conductor of electricity and heat, and as well as being a semiconductor, gallium nitride (aka GaN).

The 30-Watt Belkin device is smaller than a 10-watt Apple charger and has two USB-C slots for charging a 60W device will set you back $89.95.

Several manufacturers are already bringing GaN chargers to market. In Australia Belkin has been the first to get stock into stores.

If you have bought a new generation notebook recently the chances are that it has USB-C charging, the new Samsung Galaxy S20 Note has 25-Watt fast charging.

A MacBook charger typically are 30W (Air, lighter versions), or 60W, 87W and 90W for the latest 16-inch MacBook Pros so the new Belkin offering is ideal for most new devices.

Belkin claim that you need to choose a GaN power delivery charger with a power (watt) rating no less than the manufacturers.

The US Company claim that their new 60W/18W dual socket charger should work well for many consumers charging an iPhone or Android device and notebook simultaneously, this means one only has to carry one charger.

Belkin senior product manager Norbert von Boode claims that companies could choose to either keep making the chargers smaller or keep the same dimensions and make charging even faster. “Many people are choosing to go the former,” he says.

He says GaN chargers may become even smaller and slimmer a year or two from now. He says the new chargers currently use older design components meant for silicon and new designs will see GaN chargers “really come to full synergy”.

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