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New Dynaudio Speakers A “Labour Of Love”, Only 2500 Made

Danish hi-fi manufacturer Dynaudio has released a limited-edition run of speakers, billed as a tribute to its “legendary” speakers of the past.

The Heritage Special, which is limited to 2500 pairs worldwide, includes an Esotar 3 tweeter unit; a “supercharged” version of the discontinued $85,000 Evidence Platinum series with improved voice coil, new magnet system, and new asymmetrical Nomex spider; and a crossover designed in-house. Each pair comes with an aluminium backplate etched with its number.

According to Otto Jørgensen, Dynaudio’s Director of Product Management, the new speakers are a “labour of love” for the company.

“Our initial listening session with the first playing pair of Heritage Specials was meant to last 20 minutes. It ended more than two hours later. I think that says everything you need to know about these speakers. We absolutely love them,” he said.

The Heritage Special is available worldwide for €6000 ($9695 AUD) per pair.