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New Dell Latitudes Designed To Handle Harsh Environments

Let’s be honest – most laptops aren’t exactly made for being taken to tough workplaces like construction sites. But the Dell Latitude 5430 Rugged and Latitude 7330 Rugged Extreme are just what’s needed if you work in a heavy-duty environment but still need optimum computing power.

Set for release in early December, these durable workhorses are perfect for people who work outside, or even if you’re going camping but still want to be able to get some work done, as they promise to maintain performance and connectivity.

Gloved multi-touch capable screens mean they’re ideal for anyone who works with chemicals or wires and needs to wear gloves for safety. The screens can also withstand direct sunlight and will still emit clear display.

At around 2kg each, they’re also light enough if your job keeps you on the go, and with 5G connectivity and Windows 11 compatibility, they store 2TB and have up to 64GB of memory.

The 5430 Rugged has a 14″ display and an IP-53 rating so you’re good against dirt, dust and water.

The 7330 Rugged Extreme steps this up a notch with an IP-65 rating, while the smaller screen at 13″ makes it even easier to take anywhere with you. It’s also good for drops of up to six-feet, which is perfect for busy and dirty environments.

Plus, you get the option of dual hot-swappable batteries so if you get low on power out in the field you can just change them without shutting off or restating. This extends your activity for up to 25 hours.

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