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New Chinese TP Link Wi Fi 6 Router, Raises Security Concerns

Chinese Network Company TP-Link is set to launch a new Wi-Fi 6 router with Alexa Built-In in an effort to compete with US Company Netgear and Taiwanese Company D Link who are both pushing new Wi Fi 6 network products.

The move comes as Australians raise concerns about links by the Chinese Communist Government with Chinese technology manufacturers such as Oppo, TP Link and Eufy who manufacture security cameras.

Pricing for the TP Link Deco Voice X20 which can also listen to conversations have not been released for the Australian market.

The Chinese Company who is also selling security cameras in Australia claim their Deco Voice X20 delivers a significant boost in whole-home mesh Wi-Fi coverage with each Deco unit capable of syncing with one another.

The Chinese Company claims the built-in smart speakers ensures seamless voice control, what’s not known is whether there are security concerns with Australians installing Chinese networking gear into homes.

The two pack Deco Voice X20, works with TP-Link Mesh technology to form a single, unified network, enabling seamless roaming connectivity.

What is concerning Australians is whether Chinese Companies have the ability to stop the Chinese Government and their military from access information via TP Link developed products.

Alexa is integrated into the built-in TP Link smart speakers, enabling smart home management, voice control, and music streaming.