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New Artnovion Acoustic Panels Coming To Oz

Artnovion is releasing its Sparta range of acoustic panels in Australia through distributor Cogworks.

Available in a range of colours in a suede or a tight fabric weave finish, the panels – measuring at 1190mm x 60mm x 595mm – are capable of absorbing sounds in the 350Hz – 8000Hz range.

According to Cogworks, the panels are designed for improved speech intelligibility, noise control, and reducing excessive reverberations.

“Cogworks, the sole Australian distributor, is looking forward to receiving their first Artnovion shipment later in the year and to working with the country’s leading Hi-Fi Specialist and Integrators.

“Dealers have already given positive feedback on the Sparta range and to Cogworks’ plan to keep a smaller core range of products which will ensure better stock continuity for all concerned,” the distributor said.

The fabric weave option can also hide in-wall speakers with acoustically transparent fabric, offering what the manufacturer bills as effective absorption with minimal speaker performance interference.

Sparta suede-finish panels will start at $1196 for a carton of four.

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