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New Android Google Chrome Feature Reads Websites Aloud

A new feature will be released for Android’s Google Chrome, called ‘Listen to this page,’ allowing the user to listen to a webpage by having Chrome read it aloud from within the app.

It’s a long-awaited feature that is expected to boost accessibility for the app.

The feature won’t be supported by all websites, but if it is, the feature will be found in the three-dot menu at the top right of the Chrome app.

The feature will offer podcast-like control, such as play, pause, scrub, change playback speed, skip ahead (10 seconds), and skip behind (10 seconds).

Currently, it works in English, French, German, Arabic, Hindu, and Spanish.

There will also be different voice options in each language, with four in the US and two in the UK, as well as text highlighting.

The control bar will remain docked when other tabs are opened, and playback will continue is the screen is locked with Chrome in the foreground.

This new feature will be rolled out gradually as part of Chrome 125.

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