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New 2021 Samsung TV’s Revealed, Thinner, Solar Remote & New Mini LED Technology

The battle between LG and Samsung over who has the best new TV display technology has kicked off in earnest with Samsung rolling out a new range of Mini-LED Neo QLEDK 8K and 4K models that also come with a new ecofriendly solar powered remote control.

The new technology which will  also be available with the Samsung Frame TV’s uses mini-LEDs 1/40th the size of conventional technology to offer finer control over display lighting.

The Frame TV’s will be half as thick as before with attachable bezels and a new Art Store for backdrops.

The 12-bit, 4,096-step luminance compete with OLED’s claimed “perfect” contrast ratios with the TV’s themselves up to 50% thinner than previous models. The Neo QLED 8K TV boasts an almost bezel-free “Infinity One” design, object-tracking sound, and a cable management box you can attach to the back.

They can also use a camera for a Smart Trainer that analysis your workouts, and Google Duo video chats. A new Samsung Health app introduced with the Neo QLED TVs now includes a Smart Trainer that uses a USB camera to study your movements and posture for home workouts in real time, you can count reps, adjust your form, and even estimate calorie burn.

The built in Google Duo feature allows you to conduct video chats, too.

Due to a lack of 8K content Samsung has moved to improve their 4K and 8K upscaling with the introduction of a new processor with 16 different AI processing models.

Super Ultra-Wide GameView allows aspect ratios up to 32:9, while Game Bar lets you quickly change settings when you are playing a game or watching a game.

The new ecofriendly remote control can charge from any light source.

Finally, in Australia Samsung is introducing their 10-inch and 99-inch Wall TV which will be available in smaller sizes later this year.

Their N90A Neo QLED TV is a new generation TV that has built in Samsung’s new Quantum Matrix Technology for precise ultra-fine control of light sources which includes microscopic LEDs arranged in micro layers instead using a lens to disperse the light.

The result is improved brightness and deeper blacks and contrast for a more immersive HDR (high dynamic range) experience.

The proprietary Neo Quantum Processor – a SoC (system on a chip) processor – handles enhanced upscaling capabilities to 4K and 8K levels courtesy of 16 different neural network models, each trained in AI upscaling and deep learning technology.

The TVs will provide high quality viewing at any angle and will also include an anti-reflective layer to ensure a clear and bright image in any viewing environment.

This is the year Samsung says 8K will enter prime time with content becoming more readily available through gaming, streaming and broadcast.

Samsung hasn’t divulged pricing for its Premium 2021 TVs, but you can expect the Neo QLED line to start shipping in the first quarter of the year.

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