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Major Shareholders Bail Out Of CE & Appliance Distributor Shriro

Sydney based distributor Shriro Holdings is facing a questionable future, after two major shareholders bailed on the Company during the Xmas break.

The Company that currently has no offices with staff working from home recently issued a statement to the ASX  indicating “That they had recently become aware” that Shriro Pacific who held a “substantial” 19.89% of the shares in the Company had sold out of the Australian operation.

We can also reveal that Sydney based distributor Tempo has also sold their 9% share of the Company that distributes products for Casio, Pioneer, Blanco, Robinhood, Omega and Everdure has also sold down their shareholding in the Company who are not providing any forecasts

earnings for FY21.


Shriro Holdings who appear to be on a cost cutting mission having slashed marketing budgets has benefitted from Australian Federal Government wage subsidiaries to the tune of   $3.7M.

The Company reported that FY20 fourth quarter revenue are expected to be in the range of $180M to $185M, EBITDA is expected to be in the range of $29M to $31M; and NPAT is expected to be in the range of $15M to $17M.

The Company also benefitted from a head office lease benefit of $2.3M when they exited their lease ahead of the COVID-19 outbreak with investors telling ChannelNews that “The Company appears to have peaked with little if any growth tipped in the forceable future”.

In a statement to the ASX the Company said that  Covid‐19 had resulted in management making decisions to reduce costs relating to marketing, staff hours, travel.

The Company has also  delayed its move to a new head office premises until 2021.

These factors resulted in further efficiencies of approximately $4M.

These decisions assisted in offsetting the negative impact of the Covid‐19 related lockdowns on revenue in the months of March and April 2020 when many of their rivals were reporting increased demand for appliances and entertainment products.

Analysts Simply Wall Street said that “They weren’t exactly thrilled” with the performance of Shriro Holdings.

In an analysis of return on capital employed, earnings before Interest and tax (EBIT) divided by total assets, minus  Current Liabilities the Company was not delivering a good return.

They claim that in 2020 Shriro only delivered “a pretty normal return”.

They told investors that  Shriro Holdings has  decreased its current liabilities to 28% of total assets.

“This means their suppliers or short-term creditors are funding less of the business, which reduces some elements of risk” they wrote.

“Some would claim this reduces the business’ efficiency at generating ROCE since it is now funding more of the operations with its own money”.

In summary, Shriro Holdings is reinvesting funds back into the business for growth but unfortunately it looks like sales haven’t increased much just yet. And with the stock having returned a mere 33% in the last five years to shareholders, they are recommending that investors look elsewhere.

They also pointed out that Shriro Holdings does have some risks due to prior warning signs going forward.

The Shriro share price hit a multi-year high of $1.02 in early December 2020 strongly rebounding from its lows of 39 cents reached in March.

Since then, the company’s shares have retreated and are trading at $0.85 at 12 noon 7th Of January 2020. v

slightly from this high, the Shriro share price is still up 33% since the start of 2020.

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