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Netgear Takes To Chartering Flights To Meet Retail Demand For Routers

Netgear has taken to chartering flights to get new W6 routers into Australian retailers as the Company delivers on record demand for Network gear and retailers sell out of stock in days.

Next week the Company is expected to announce a significant increase in global sales and make a major announcement according to sources due in part to the demands on networking gear created worldwide by the COVID-19 epidemic.

On a conference call this week Senior Vice President, Connected Home Products David Henry said that three key demands were driving sales during the pandemic.

They are gaming, work at home executives and increased demand for home entertainment streaming.

“We are witnessing excellent sales and due to the fact that Australia has restricted flights and we have seen a major reduction by airlines in passenger flights we have moved to commercial freight flights to get stock to retailers” he said.

Netgears New Orbi 6 Routers

“Personally, I did not realise before COVID-19 how much freight was carried on passenger airlines, it’s a lot”.

“Everything we have delivered to retailers has sold out” he added

In Australia the Company has announced two new Wi Fi 6 routers the Nighthawk Stream Mesh W6 router and an all new $1,399 Orbi W6 router.

According to Henry the new routers are designed for high speed throughput, which in many Australian homes is going to be difficult to achieve because the broadband packages that are being sold by the NBN to carriers are not really high speed making comparisons between routers difficult.

“Where these new W6 routers excel is in their overall management of Wi Fi in a home, you get wider reach, smoother throughput and significantly improved attach capability. Today the router is one of the most important pieces of technology in a home and we want Netgear product to be the choice of homes who want improved streaming”.

According to Henry Netgear is using two types of processors from Qualcomm and Broadcom, these are the same processors found in many of the new smartphones and later this year, new Chromebooks and Windows PC’s that will be powered by Qualcomm processors that will easily handshake with Netgear routers.

Among the W6 Wi Fi certified devices in the market today are the Samsung Galaxy S20 smartphones, Apple 11 iPhones, the iPad Pro and the Razer Blade 15 gaming PC and Acer Chromebooks and PC’s.


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