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Netflix Set To Go Wonky On Some TVs This Xmas

Consumer Electronics retailers could soon face a barre of questions after Netflix announced overnight that their streaming service will stop working on some TVs

One brand that has been identified as facing a problem is Samsung with some of their older Smart TVs set to face technical problems.

Initially, Netflix issued a list of TVs affected however that list has now been removed.

ChannelNews understands that several TV brands could be affected by the Netflix technical issue including early Netflix able TV’s from LG, Sony, Panasonic, and Hisense.We are currently investigating this issue.

When Netflix first entered the Australian market, they allowed up to five users to access the one subscription, now through the use of IP tracking which identifies where a TV is being used the US Company is to be looking at how to stop their service being accessed other than via one IP address. This means that if you have given your son or daughter access and they have moved into a unit and are still using the master log in they or you will be cut off from the service.

In October, the company alluded to crackdowns with passwords when Chief Product Officer Greg Peters said it was ‘looking at the situation’.

Netflix has confirmed that its service will no longer be supported on older devices due to technical limitations however ChannelNews understands that the list is limited to a small number of brands that are sold in Australia.

Currently Netflix lists Panasonic, Philips, Samsung and Sony as approved TVs in 2019 along with Apple TV, Chromecast, game consoles and other set-top boxes.

See listing here.

The list of 2018 approved TVs is disabled.

Their statement reads ‘Due to technical limitations, Netflix will no longer be supported on some devices beginning on 1 December 2019,’

‘Some older Samsung smart TVs are affected by this change.

‘In the future, Netflix can be viewed from many other devices capable of connecting to your TV.’

The statement did not specify which models would no longer be supported, and Samsung did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

‘As long as you have one of the supported devices, like a game console, streaming media player, or set-top box, you’ll still be able to watch Netflix on your TV,’ Samsung said.

The ‘We’ve notified all impacted members with more information about alternative devices we support so they can keep enjoying Netflix uninterrupted,’ it said.

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