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Netflix Has A New Competitor: Foxtel’s ‘BINGE’ Launches Monday

Foxtel’s new video streaming service BINGE, set to rival Netflix and Stan, will launch on Monday (25th May), with pricing ranging from $10 per month (for one HD stream), to $14 for two streams and $18 for four streams – a very similar price point to Netflix.

Foxtel is trying to take a share of Australia’s high-potential streaming market. Currently, around 4 million Australian households have a streaming service. Foxtel estimates this will rise to 8 million households by 2023, which will represent 85% of the total.

At its launch, BINGE will offer around 10,000 hours of content from WarnerMedia, NBCU, FX, BBC and Sony. Foxtel have said they would be “adding new content everyday”, building up their library to offer 20,000 hours by the end of year.

However, after a couple of months BINGE will cycle out some content every month, but will still be adding content overall.

At its launch, some of the movies and shows on BINGE will include: ‘Big Little Lies’, ‘Westworld’, ‘Chernobyl’, ‘The Wire’, Planet Earth I and II’, ‘Game of Thrones’, ‘The Walking Dead’, ‘Seinfeld’, ‘Jurassic Park’, ‘Sex and The City’, and DC Universe collections.

BINGE will also aim to provide a unique user experience.

For instance, in attempt to “kill the scroll”, the Discover feature creates carousels powered by experts so users can discover content by mood, theme, moments, Top 5s and more. At the media briefing held yesterday, Foxtel also mentioned a function where a film or show would just be played, like it is on TV, and viewers could choose to skip or keep watching.

Meanwhile, BINGE Lists will function like Netflix’s My List does, providing a place where users can save shows for later or continue where they left off.

BINGE Centres will provide a place for viewers to find out more about shows and movies with behind-the scenes interviews, footage and information.

Julian Ogrin, CEO of BINGE said: “BINGE speaks to the heart of what great entertainment viewing is about, something that is so good you can’t switch off. BINGE will provide permission to indulge in the shows you love and the shows you can’t get enough of; it’s entertainment that’s unturnoffable.”

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