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Netflix Axes Staff As Subs Fall

Despite only launching the platform in December last year, the editorial team of Tudum, the companies official fan site, have been axed by the higher-ups at Netflix. The site was launched as a way to promote the streaming platform, and reported on news, lifestyle, culture and entertainment.

The culture and trends team, made up of 10 people, was mostly culled with no prior warning, according to an anonymous source. Making matters worse, many of the journalists culled were poached from other publications, meaning Netflix has pulled them out of stable work, and left them with nothing.

The source also believes that other teams are soon likely to follow. The incident comes soon after Netflix lost subscribers for the first time ever and reported low earnings for Q1 of 2022.

Netflix had previously told media outlet Protocol that Tudum is “an important priority for the company,” and that they had no intention of shutting it down. They are yet to respond a request for comment by The Verge, regarding the recent layoffs.

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