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Nearly 2M Aussies On 50Mbps NBN Plans, Up 26%

Latest numbers from the ACCC reveal more Aussies are moving to 50Mbps NBN plans, notching 1.8 million services by the end of September – a 26% increase on the June quarter.

The result is over a ten-fold increase versus December 2017, with only 159,000 residential customers on 50Mbps plans.

More than 2.2 million Australian consumers are now on ‘high-speed’ plans, up 20% on the previous quarter.

As at September 30, the NBN Co was supplying a total of 4,488,295 wholesale residential broadband access services – an 8.6% lift from the previous quarter.

High speed NBN plans (50 Mbps or above) now account for just under 50% of all NBN residential broadband services.

The ACCC asserts such changes reflect the success of the NBN Co’s pricing strategy shifts:

“The NBN Co’s Focus on 50 promotion has demonstrated that RSPs and their customers are willing to move to higher speed plans if the incentives are right,” claims ACCC Chair Rod Sims.

“We expect these incentives will continue to operate as NBN Co transitions to longer term bundled pricing for the higher speed plans.”

While high-speed plans have continued to grow, so have the number of consumers choosing the most basic NBN services.

As per the ACCC’s latest quarterly Wholesale Market Indicators Report, over 1.2 million consumers are on the lowest 12Mbps NBN plan – up 4.3%.

“Consumers on 12/1 plans still represent more than a quarter of all NBN services. It is important that NBN Co recognises the needs of this significant cohort of consumers for an affordable and reliable service,” asserts Mr Sims.

For the first time, the ACCC’s report has reported the number of services provided over FTTC  (fibre to the curb) technology – notching  39,204 FTTC services in operation by the end of September.

Further information is available on the ACCC’s website here.

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