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NEAR Delivers High Performance Sound To The Outdoors

High performance sound doesn’t have to just stay indoors, at least according to loudspeaker manufacturer NEAR and its outdoor speaker systems.

NEAR’s outdoor speakers kits are called NEARSCAPES, and combine a number of the company’s LB4TM mid/high frequency satellite speakers with its IGS10M subwoofer.

The wide 120-degree dispersion of the LB4TM ensures fewer speakers are required to cover an area with sound compared to competing systems. The NEARSCAPES 2.1 system (featuring two speakers and a subwoofer) can evenly cover an area of 140 square metres, while the NEARSCAPES 4.1 system (with four speakers and a subwoofer) doubles this to 280 square metres.

The LB4TM speakers feature a 4-inch metal alloy diaphragm woofer and a 1-inch metal alloy tweeter powered by NEAR’s Magnetic Liquid Suspension (MLS) technology for reduced distortion and consistent performance across a range of temperatures.

Meanwhile, the IGS10 features a 10-inch woofer with an ultra low mass and metal diaphragm technology for high quality sound and durability. MLS technology improves bass and reduces distortion, while NEAR’S UDIO (upside down/inside out) driver technology delivers accurate linearity even at high volumes.

Installation of NEARSCAPES systems is intended to be as simple as possible with the included ball and socket aimable brackets for mounting the LB4TM speakers to walls, fences and other locations. The included GS4 ground stakes also allow the speakers to be mounted in gardens and lawns, while the IGS10 subwoofer can be used freestanding or partially buried.

Both the LB4TM speakers and the IGS10M subwoofer are built for extreme durability in all weather conditions, and are coloured ‘dark brown mulch’ to help camouflage them in outdoor settings.

NEARSCAPES systems are distributed by Avation. More information about NEARSCAPES and other NEAR products can be found on the Avation website.

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