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BenQ Australia Launches Dedicated Professional Monitor Website

BenQ Australia have launched a new website to make it easier for designers and photographers to discover and compare its professional monitors.

Creative.BenQ.com.au features information about BenQ’s six current Professional Monitors, including individual pages on each SW Professional Photographer monitor and PD Professional Designer monitor.

“These individual product pages are dedicated to explaining the core technologies that reside within these professional grade monitors, giving customers the confidence and peace of mind to understand the benefits of using BenQ Professional Monitors to streamline their workflow,” BenQ said in a press release.

The mobile-friendly site also includes a product comparison page to help simplify the decision process, along with independent reviews of the BenQ Colour Management monitors written by professional photographers and designers.

All of BenQ’s SW Series Photography monitors and PD Professional Designer monitors can be purchased at JB Hi-Fi and from premium BenQ Partners nationwide.

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