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NBN Boosts Rural Aus Data Limits With 100GB+ Plans

After several years of complaints from rural Australian residents, NBN Sky Muster satellite providers have agreed to double their data limits to individuals in country areas.

As launched by most NBN providers, from this week country-based individuals can purchase plans exceeding 100GB per month of peak data.

Previously, Sky Muster satellite plans offered max usage limits of just 75GB (during peak periods) to rural Australian residents – a figure far less than metropolitan residents.

Described as seeing ‘years of lobbying and little action’, The Better Internet for Rural, Regional and Remote Australia has welcomed the NBN’s data limit increase. The organisation has advocated for higher data limits since the Sky Muster NBN satellite debuted in 2015.

Kristy Sparrow, the group’s convener, has offered her praise of the NBN’s decision to double max wholesale limits to 300GB:

“The previous maximum was inadequate for the multiple needs of rural customers. This is a much-needed improvement on existing limits”.

She has also supported the NBN Joint Standing Committee’s recommendation to include a remote/rural reference group, and for Sky Muster data links to be linked to average fixed-line use.

“This link is key to ensuring that RRR Australians are not further left behind when it comes to accessing reasonable and reliable internet to conduct their businesses, education, social and recreational activities”.

Fiona Nash, Regional Communications Minister, states the NBN Co has provided the data increase at no extra cost to retailers, however, how retailers choose to structure their pricing plans is at their discretion.

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