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Push Controls On Call For Oz Channel Partners

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At Cedia 2011, the company launched a new graphic user interface for installers called Generation II, and has developed a platform for Automation that is both functional and affordable.

With widespread tablet and smartphone ownership, most running on Apple IOS, Push is taking advantage of iPad and iPhone ownership, and developing IP based automation controls and GUIs to suit.

This approach puts automation well within the reach of the average household, by keeping set up costs relatively low. Typically an average theatre room would cost just $1500 for the installation, with the control box costing around $700.

However with the rapid movement of technology, Push recognises the constraints faced by installers.

Managing director, Ben Green, said: “Any new platform requires a certain level of resource from the installer. Aside from learning the capabilities of new hardware and software, there is also a need to have an intimate understanding of the control principles and attached component capabilities.”

Green says the issue is compounded for installers because of accelerated product lifecycle updates and model upgrades. “It is not uncommon to find that an installer is spending unreasonable amounts of time on site simply building templates and searching for new device drivers.”

Having recently secured the distribution of the Bitwise product range and establishing strategic working relationships with local and international manufacturers, Push Controls is also in the final stages of setting up a Melbourne based call centre that will be dedicated to the assisted deployment of Push Controls systems.

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The new Install Assist Team will be headed up by Daniel Stewart, who has previously worked with the My Remote Team and Bitwise to assist with the development of the Generation II Graphic User Interface.

In addition to leading the Install Assist Team, Daniel will continue to work with product development technicians, both in Australia and the US, to ensure that feedback from all channel partners is included in any future hardware and software updates.

Stewart’s role will be to assist channels partners to achieve maximum efficiency by minimising the time on site.

Green said one of the greatest assets Push brings to the industry is to build proprietary systems that are not anchored to legay based protocols.

He said: “This means that we do not face the same challenges as companies such as RTI and URC, who continue to delay the release of touch tablet integration features. Whilst our system continues to evolve daily, we will remain focused on the affordability of our platform to offer a refreshing alternative to Crestron, AMX, Control4 and Savant.”