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Steve Jobs Neighbour Talks About Future Technology

Steve Jobs Neighbour Talks About Future Technology

 A custom installer to the rich and famous in Silicon Valley, Green claims that we have to look at what kids are doing to understand tomorrow’s technology.

Cloud based services, streaming and digital rights based content vaults, are the future claims Green who says many homes in the future will have 100 IP addresses.

Green, who is in Australia for the 2011 CEDIA Expo in Sydney, was speakingh at a ChannelNews Future Technology event.

He claims that several IT companies are close to delivering new content capabilities. He says Apple is developing Mobile Me to deliver content and devices that allow a consumer to choose a song on their iPhone, step into their car and the music continues playing in their car and if they walk into their home or office it will continue playing on a device of their choice.

Inside the home, gesture and touch are set to change the way users command automation systems.

He said that one only has to look at the Microsoft Kinect system, which has sold 8 million units in weeks, to recognise the appeal of gesture control technology.

Rich Green has been an active professional in the audio video industry since 1978. He is recognised as one of the foremost audio video system designers, having worked with many prominent clients including Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert, Sir George Solti, Luciano Pavarotti, Larry Ellison, and Steve Jobs.

He said: “Technology has gone mobile. It’s iPads Smartphones and gesture devices. The future is analogue because people are analogue. While the device is digital we have to remember that consumers are and always will be analogue”.

He added: “Our kids today are not watching boring free to air TV. They are content snacking on short term videos dished up by the likes of YouTube. The future is App stores and what can be delivered via an app. We need to deliver better AV control new energy management capabilities and digital health technology,” he said.