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TV Demand Gloomy, OLED To Shine Light?

TV Demand Gloomy, OLED To Shine Light?The global television market shrank last year for the second year in a row, according to analysts IHS. 

Global TV shipments declined by 6 percent from already soft 2012 levels, as appetite for LCD TV in China, Asia-Pacific and Eastern Europe, suffered a rare deceleration.
TV shipments in 2013 amounted fell almost 13 million to 225.1 million, compared to 2012.
Asia Pacific  fell by almost 2 million with cheaper-priced sets fast disappearing from the region, while the slump in China was blamed partly on the expiry of a subsidy program provided by Beijing for new appliances.  
But televisions will bounce back because of new technology AMOLED and OLED TVs, analysts predict.
OLED and Curved big screen TVs are already in demand at JB Hi-Fi’s AV department, Marketing Manager, Scott Browning told ChannelNews. 
Australians are upsizing to bigger screens, two years ago it was 42″ screens – now its 55″-65″ sets.
Price deflation, changing living room designs and thinner, lighter screens has all contributed to this trend, he says. Recently LG cut the price of its 55″ Curved OLED set by $4000, and now costs $7999. 
Globally, North America, Western Europe and Japan TV markets will stabilize in the coming years, and no large decreases like last year are forecast, says Jusy Hong, IHS analyst for consumer devices. 
Significant growth can be expected from China, the rest of Asia-Pacific, Latin America, in particular, thanks to FIFA World Cup later this year and Middle East-Africa. Latin America.