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Multiple User Upgrade To Google TV Coming

As TV brands debate whether to sell TV’s with WebOS Vs Google TV which use to be called Android TV Google is tipped to be moving to an upgrade that will deliver individual screen preferences.

9to5Google recently dug into the source code of the latest version of the operating system and found mention of personalised home screens, which would offer a much more tailored experience for anyone watching.

In the past you could sign in with one account now Google is set to let multiple users sign in.

The TV OS Company currently lets you sign in with multiple Google Accounts, and offers Kids Profiles, which only offer age-appropriate content.

But with adult profiles, no matter who’s watching, the homepage will only be personalised to the main account.

That means anyone watching will only see recommendations for the main account holder.

But this will change with an update to the Google TV Home app – version 1.0.370 that contains mentions for individual profiles on the home screen.

The mentions include: “Add another account to this device to have their own personalized Google TV experience”. Which seems pretty clear cut.

However, just because this text appears in the code that doesn’t mean the feature will definitely be introduced.

The code also reveals a new tutorial video that would show parents how to hide certain content from kids’ profiles.

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