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MSI’s Pen 2 Stylus Writes On Both Screen And Paper

MSI has launched its new Pen 2 stylus that works like magic: it can write on the screen as well as on paper.

Not only can you write with it on paper without switching out or retracting the graphite tip, but you can also use it on display screens as a stylus without leaving a scratch.

It only weighs 14.5 grams which makes it easy to hold.

The MSI Pen 2 comes with tilt control, 4,096 levels of sensitivity, and even haptic feedback.

The stylus has great battery life too, claiming it can be used for up to 10 hours with just five minutes of fast charging using the USB-C port on the side.

Its unclear whether MSI is planning to release the pen on its own or bundle it with a laptop model.

Its launch and release date has not been released yet.

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