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Most Aussie Amazon Customers Will Increase 2022 Spend

Global e-commerce data company Pattern has conducted its fourth poll of Australian shoppers, finding that 88 per cent of Amazon’s Aussie customers plan to maintain or increase their spend on the marketplace post-lockdown.

Amazon’s Australian revenue reached an impressive A$1.75 billion last year, propelled by the lockdown. Rather than easing off their reliance on online retail, it appears that Aussies will lean into it, with indicators from Pattern’s Australia Shopper Report 2022 suggest it will pass the A$2 billion mark in 2022.

The majority of those who bought something from Amazon.com.au in the past 12 months are expect to spend the same or more on the platform in 2022.

44 per cent of shoppers predict they will spend more on Amazon this year, while a further 44 per cent predict they will spend the same.

Amazon Prime membership has also risen by 29 per cent in the past year. 40 per cent of online shoppers say that “have access” to Prime: 31 per cent have their own account, while 9 per cent use someone else’s

“Our findings demonstrate that not only has Amazon retained the significant gains that it made in Australia during lockdown, but it will likely continue to accelerate its growth this year too,” explains Pattern’s General Manager for Australia, Merline McGregor.

“Shoppers continue to migrate to online sales channels and, in a wide variety of categories, Amazon is poised to outperform the competition and acquire these customers.

“Coupled with the continued growth in Prime membership, Amazon’s expected sales growth should be of interest to consumer brands and retailers as they decide whether to cooperate or compete with the marketplace.”

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