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More NBN Users Opt For 50Mbps

A new report from the ACCC shows more NBN customers are using its 50Mpbs plan with close to one million people subscribing to the service.

The number of customers grew from 158,959 to 989,360 in the quarter ending March 31.

The report – the ACCC wholesale market indicators – says these subscribers make up 26 per cent of all plans up from 4.6 per cent in December.

It continues saying retailers have taken up these incentives in large numbers, enabling their customers to transfer to the higher 50Mbps speed tier. This in turn offers them a ‘better NBN experience’.

Rod Sims Chairman at the ACCC says, “Nearly one million customers are now using a plan with 50Mbps speeds. This is a remarkable shift in just three months.

“We are pleased to see retailers taking up the higher speed services and enabling their customers to shift to 50Mbps plans. This is good for consumers who can enjoy the benefits of higher speeds.”

The news coincides with NBN Co Q3 results which saw the broadband service soar 112 per cent year-on-year in total revenues to $1.4bn.

Those in the North Shore have been struggling with their NBN connection in the past few days as Telstra did not advise the broadband service over connectivity issues.

In December 2017, NBN Co launched its ‘Focus on 50’ promotion, offering a temporary credit to retailers for acquiring 50 per cent more Connectivity Virtual Circuit (CVC) per user and reducing the price of the Access Virtual Circuit (AVC) for 50 Mbps services.

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