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Millennials Slammed As Lazy & Don’t Want To Do An Apprentership

Millennials who want high salaries but don’t want to put the time in learning a trade are walking out on apprentership claiming the pay is too low, they don’t like the boss and they are accusing managers who pull them up as bullying them.

News Corp Australia revealed on Wednesday apprentice numbers have dropped drastically across the nation – as much as 50 per cent in some capital cities.

Federal Government data reveals some of the key reason’s apprentices leave includes not getting along with their boss or colleagues, losing their job or being made redundant or the pay being too low.

Recently ChannelNews advertised three new jobs.

Of 55 candidates who applied for a journalist role only three had any real journalist experience and even then, this experience was limited.

More than 50% were people who had taken up blogging and now fancied themselves as an “experienced tech writer”.

Two of these candidates who were under 25 years of age demanded salaries of over $85,000 despite no apprenticeship or newspaper or newsroom experience.

When asked how they would go about sourcing a story all of them said “read Twitter” or “Facebook”.

None of them understood deformation law or how Government worked. They also lacked knowledge on how to source information from Government web sites.

According to News Corp one apprentice who asked to remain anonymous, told them that he had some issues with bullying but managing the TAFE workload and working almost full-time on less than $500 in the hand weekly were the main problems.

“There is so much theory to do at home and you come to TAFE and no one is supervising you and then if you don’t complete you have to pay $1500 to do it again.”

A senior executive at a leading technology Company said, “Today millennials have tickets on themselves, they want the money but don’t want to spend the time or putting the effort in to learn a trade”.

“Social media is destroying many industries whose executives have no alternative but to hire people who often lack the proper skills but have picked up information along the way that allows then to bluff their way into a job”.

Another executive said”I spent three years on low pay doing my . It was hard work, my boss kicked my arse but I learn’t from my mistakes but I learn’t a trade that in the end delivered the high salary. Today millenials want to start with the high salary, spend very little time learning a trade and then expect managers to bow to their demands”.

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