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Microsoft Takes On Bose With New ‘Surface Headphones’

Microsoft has expanded its ‘Surface’ ecosystem from tablets and notebooks, by unveiling its new noise-cancelling wireless headphones with Cortana support.

The new ‘Surface Headphones’ will retail for US$350, and release in time for the holiday season (Australian pricing and availability to be confirmed).

According to CNET, the headphones were in development for over three years, and have been specifically designed to compete with Bose and Sony.

Incorporating passive and active noise cancellation, the Bluetooth headphones feature fast charging and respond to voice commands via Cortana.

Users can ask Cortana to play/pause/skip tracks, or search Bing and set reminders.

The headphones will also automatically pause music playback when removed from a users’ head.

The over-ear headphones also incorporate an adjustable dial, allowing users to specify how much external noise they allow in.

Charging occurs via USB-C, with the device also capable of being wired via a detachable 3.5mm cable.

Battery life claims to be around 15 hours, or 50 hours when plugged in via a headphone jack.

The headphones incorporate a total of 8 microphones, with 2-beam forming mics on each ear cup.

Audio quality can also be customised via an accompanying app, which will release soon.

Full specs below:


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