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Microsoft Talks Up HoloLens Growing Software Library

While a consumer-grade version of Microsoft’s augmented reality headset isn’t due till 2018 or 2019, the tech giant is already talking up the software coming to the device.

The company says that over 150 exclusive mixed reality apps are now available in the Windows Store.

In a blog post celebrating one year since the headset began shipping to developers, Microsoft’s Alex Kipman says that “while we always had dreams for HoloLens and the universe of mixed reality, we knew that some of the greatest innovations would come from the creativity, talent and unique perspectives from our broader community. As expected, our community has delivered.”

Kipman runs through some of the (admittedly) fascinating software being developed for the device, including a real-time speech-to-sign interpreter for the deaf and an application that enables users to safely navigate a low-visibility environments.

“To every developer who has a HoloLens and is working to create within the world of mixed reality, thank you for your passion and imagination. You are an inspiration to me and everyone on the team,” Kipman said, promising that Microsoft have more to share at the upcoming Built 2017 conference in May.

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