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Microsoft Ready New Surface Book For Holiday Season

Along with revealing their rumored all-in-one PC, the Surface Studio, this morning’s Microsoft event also saw the company show off their latest (and greatest, according to them) Surface Book.

The new Surface Book builds on the design of its predecessor by bringing more beefy specs and battery life to the fore. Like previous Surface Books, the keyboard can be twisted and re-positioned for use as a tablet.

It’s packing a top-of-the-line Intel i7 processor and an Nvidia GeForce GTX 965M GPU, along with a redesigned cooling system that’s intended to prevent heat getting in the way of performance by incorporating an additional fan.

The other major improvement concerns battery life. Microsoft have pushed the battery life for the new Surface Book to 16 hours, making long-haul sessions a very real possibility.

According to Microsoft, the new “Surface Book is built for extreme performance, giving you lightning fast access to programs, videos, and music. Plus, it delivers rich images and gaming power with an optional discrete graphics card that can handle intense professional tasks.”

Check the video reel out below:

Microsoft will shipping the new Surface Book from November 10th with the 256GB model starting at $2,399, the 512GB model costing $2,799 and $3,299 will net you the 1TB model.

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